7th February

Join us for tea at 4pm at
Maidenhead Community Centre

We will be looking at
John 13:1-17.

“Do you understand what I have done to you?”

We believe

  • …in the power of God: he's in charge and makes no mistakes.
  • …in our rebellious nature: we should trust him, but we trust in money, our own goodness, or other idols.
  • …that God has this covered: his plan is to forgive us and fix us.
  • …that God's plan has always been patiently unfolding: the Old Testament shows us the heart of the problem, and how hard it is to fix.
  • …that the outcome of all God's plans is in Jesus: in his birth, life, teaching, death and resurrection.
  • …that Jesus paid the price of forgiveness for those he came to save.
  • …in change: when Jesus saves, he writes God's law on our hearts.
  • …that lovers of God love each other too: we want to meet, work and share all things together.
  • …that following Jesus will not always be easy.
  • …that following Jesus will always be worth it.
  • …that there is nothing better than friendship with God; and nothing worse than being his enemy.

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Our Church

Heart Church is a friendly, new, Bible-based church in Maidenhead town centre. We are still small, as we are the result of a mid-2016 church plant — which means you can be part of a very exciting stage of church development by joining us!

We're a small church and we don't want to get too big. If we get beyond a certain size, we'll split - and keep it small. Because we think there's value in the less intimidating, more relaxed, informal, personal atmosphere. 'Church' is about knowing each other - a community of people who meet around God's word, the Bible.

You are very welcome to join us for afternoon tea, worship, teaching and fellowship every Sunday from 4pm at Maidenhead Community Centre.

On offer is the chance to explore the meaning of life (and death), to find out more about the Christian faith, and to discover (or deepen your experience of) what it means to live as a Christian. If you're looking for a church, or if you're just curious, feel free to come along and join us.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

What To Expect on Sundays

We meet on Sunday afternoons for a light meal at 4pm at Maidenhead Community Centre near the town centre. Feel free to come along and join us.

The meal is followed by a talk suitable for adults, and also suitable for children as far as possible. Talks are not dumbed down for children, but are made engaging and accessible for different age groups by communication on different levels so adults receive in-depth teaching but children are not bored, and do not leave empty-handed.

We encourage children to stay and participate in all our services. Don't worry if your children make a bit of noise — church is like a family, and everyone is welcome.

After the talk we encourage questions about the subject of the teaching from anyone present.


Get in touch

For any enquiries, please contact Pastor Jack Douglas: