Why Plant Heart Church?

There are many churches in Maidenhead already, including two faithful Bible-believing churches that I have attended and served at for several years each: St Mary's and Blenheim Free Church. Indeed, if you are looking for a church and find that Heart Church does not suit you, I wholeheartily recommend you try one of those two!

So, why plant another?

The number one reason for planting Heart Church is that I believe that by doing so, some people will be brought into the kingdom of God through faith in Jesus Christ who would not be otherwise. Our aim is to be especially attractive to a particular group of people: those who are suspicious of religion and religiosity, and do not like religious jargon. We will try to avoid jargon without explanation. We hold lightly to the outward form of religion, except that which comes naturally from a truly religious heart: the love of each others' company, and the love of God, his word, and all his ways.

The number two reason for planting is that I believe there is a need for a church that declares the counsel of God more fully. Other churches rightly emphasise the wonderful atoning work of Jesus, but sometimes unintentionally downplay the impact of the life-changing event that has occurred inside the hearts of those who trust in Jesus. This event is called 'regeneration' and it corresponds to the 'new heart' that the Old Testament prophets looked forward to.

Any group of people who have been changed at the deepest level of their hearts must:

  1. look radically different to a group of people who have not been changed, and
  2. be visibly changing and becoming more like the people God intends, as that deep-down change spreads and grows into the rest of our hearts, so that eventually no nook and cranny of our soul is untouched

The outward state of the church and the individuals in it may be far from perfect, but no church should be comfortable settling for what they are; our mission and our joy is to be changed daily to be more and more pleasing to our Lord and to our neighbours, both within the church and outside.

We aim to come together to encourage this process through the joy of sharing each others' lives, and through the wisdom and instruction of the living word of God. If you would like to join us on this mission, you are most welcome to do so.

Author: Jack Douglas, Date: 2016-04-06